Inhouse available activities

Farm Tour

A fully guided interactive tour with an expert guide. Explore our farms. Pluck a ripe fruit or plant a coconut tree. Learn about seasonal fruits and vegetables, eco systems, scientific practises and processes. We promise, we will answer all your questions

Jeep Ride

Unwind and revitalise on a jeep ride to a 100 year old mango orchid. Challenge yourself to climb the entire orchid mountain or simply try climbing a mango tree

Food processing factory tour

A guided tour of a food processing factory. Educate yourself about sterilisation, automation and best practises in the food processing industry. Observe the scales of operation.

Rent a bike & ride

you can go to places which four wheelers can only dream of. True, two wheelers move the soul

Bird watching

native and migrated species of various birds and a few rare bird species.


meditation. There is also a ‘Datta’temple at half-an hour’s walk, where you can meditate.

Beach adventure sports

OR, enjoy a variety of Beach activities including Volleyball, Parasailing, Dolphin watching safari etc.

Sights to see

Datta Temple at hill top

calm time with you, Watch the sun sets in the sea with beautifully landscaped sky.

Shiva Temple

Situated on the way to Tamastirth beach. The temple Said to be built in era of Bhagvan Ram. The temple is known for a water spring coming from the hill which flows throughout the year.

Trek to Ganapati Temple

need to walk and climb the hill for approx 2KM which caters to different flora and fauna

Tamastirth Beach / Sunset point – Red Sea 

Beach is famous for its Red coloured water and sunset point.

Parshuram Bhumi

Located at Burondi Village, The huge statue of Parshuram on the globe will mesmerize you with its aggression. The place has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Nice place to spend the evening time.

Locations arround

Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth,


Located in Dapoli the university is most recognized Agriculture University in india.

Murud – Karde Beach

Murud is one of the oldest village in Dapoli. The two beaches adjacent to each other, where you can enjoy water sports and other activities.

Keshavraj Temple, Asud

Keshavraj is located on the way to murud village. You can access it via Dabkewadi after which you cross a small river. There is steep climb where you are greeted with the fresh water which is said to have been coming from a tree trunk and is present all days of the year. The Keshavraj idol is a must see – 13 kms.

Kadyavarcha Ganapati

[Lord Ganesha temple at Anjarle] 26KM

The Ganesh temple is situated at Anjarle village near Dapoli. It was first constructed with wood in 1150 AD and then reconstructed in between 1768-1780. It is particularly known for the right-side placement of the Ganesha’s idol which means its trunk curves towards right which is rare –

Harnai fort and Fish market-

Harnai is famous for its ports and forts. You can visit Suvarnadurg fort and Kanakdurga fort. Kanakdurga is the land fort while Suvarnadurg is the sea fort. It was built in the Adil Shah rule and later captured by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Earlier there was a route connecting both the fort but now it can only be accessed by boat. You can buy or watch the fish auction during early morning and evening time.

Dabhol – Caved temple of Goddess Chandika, Ferry

Dabhol town is located on the south-west border of Dapoli. Vashishthi river flowing from Chiplun merges into the sea at Dabhol forming the Dabhol creek. Chandikadevi Temple and a fishing jetty are the major attractions in Dabhol. The underground temple of Chandikadevi with a swayambhu idol is thronged by pilgrims every year during shivaratri.

Unhavare – Hot Water Springs

The unrecognized and neglected Unhavare hot springs are truly beautiful whoever the approach road is not maintained and you might feel that you are lost.

PanhaleKaji – Ancient Caves

Ancient caves with beautifully crafted in the rock. The caves are Beautiful but not maintained upto the mark. It is situated deep in the valleys and is surrounded by jungle and river which are cater to different species of birds and reptiles.